What are some good logic/ethics/philosophy books for a middle school student?
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2010-07-27 13:58:27 UTC
I became interested in logic, epistemology, ethics and philosophy in general my senior year of high school. I am currently in college and wanted to know what some good introductory books for logic and ethics in particular that are out there on the market that could appeal to somebody who is in middle school. I think it would benefit my little brother to be able to think rationally and understand why we OUGHT to do certain things as opposed to other things before he gets into High School. I don't want the books to be so verbose that he has to consult a dictionary every five seconds but I don't want to give him a "Dummies Guide To Logic". For books on logic I mostly had in mind books that cover the basics of how to make a good argument and how to spot logical fallacies by giving examples of logical fallacies. He doesn't need to understand formal logic quite yet. As for ethics, I had meta-ethics in mind, especially books that defend the objectivity of moral values. One last minor criterion is that I don't want any books that might offend Christians. I enjoyed Crimes Against Logic by Jamie Whyte even though he chooses to expose fallacies in arguments often found in the arguments of Christians. Granted I'm an Atheist, but my brother isn't and I don't want him to be offended. Here are the books I had in mind that I already own:

Being Logical by D. Q. McInerny

A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston

Whatever Happened To Good And Evil? by Russ Shafer-Landau

The Fundamentals Of Ethics by Russ Shafer-Landau

This list seems deficient in books that deal specifically with logical fallacies. Any suggestions other than Crimes Against Logic? Suggestions in general are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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2010-07-27 14:04:48 UTC
For a middle schooler, look into Tennager philosophy Books, they should give you a lot interesting logics and reasoning and existence questions. Get a buy that is around you interest, something that describes you!!! Here are some books below for you to check out, they should be interesting to you. You can purchased them at a public libary of Barnes & Nobles or any book store that has Philosophy.

Philosophy Rocks! by Stephen Law

The Philosophy Files by Stephen Law

Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder

Children, Philosophy and Democracy by John Portelli, and Ronald Reed

Philosophy and Writing (Inside Ancient China) by Susan Whitfield

Kant's Philosophies of Judgement by Susan Whitfield

This books are just some of the teenage Philosophy books to read, some of them will have things and beliefsin them that you might be interesting in. Hope this Helps!!! :) ((: :P
2010-07-27 22:27:35 UTC
Sophie's world by Jostein Gaarder, they might find entertaining. It is more of an introductory about the history of Philosophy
Teh Emperor of Mars
2010-07-27 21:02:10 UTC
What about "The Giver"

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